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Environmentally Friendly Pest Control – Cupboard Pests


I found some insects in my food cupboard I cleaned the whole cupboard from top to bottom, then when I opened my flour container they were inside, now what do I do?


Discard your flour and check all cardboard packages for signs of worms or moths.

Cleaning your cupboard as you described is a very good way of controlling larder pests.Keep your dry foods in sealed plastic containers and whenever possible store them in the ‘fridge and clean up any worms or moths as soon as you see them. Pet food is a routine source of these pests especially bird seeds but pasta and rice are also homes for them.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control – Powder Post Beetles


I have been told by a company that I have powder post beetles, they suggested putting a tent over my house and office space which is so expensive, is there an alternative way of treating as he told me that I have to take my pets out, I work from my home please let me know what I can do as I am worried about going back inside with my pets. The contractor said it is totally safe to use this method.


Personally I think they should have a tent put over them.

The gas they use will certainly kill the beetles. It offers NO residual protection. So, someone could bring home an antique with powder post beetles and you are back to square one.

Just think about this, the gas they use is extremely toxic, where does it go when they remove the tent?  Here are some symptoms from exposure to this gas “burning eyes, eye and throat irritation, nausea and difficulty breathing.”  source EPA.

We use a safe and long term protection at a fraction of the cost without any of the risks.

Please think about your family, friends, pets and our environment before using these awful chemicals.


Environmentally Friendly Pest Control – Rats


I have a small compost bin in my yard, I went to put some vegetable waste inside and out came a rat, now I am frightened to use it, what can I do?


Rats usually don’t go into compost bins unless there’s something for them to eat, usually meat.

Make sure there’s no meat or non vegetable foodstuffs in the compost pile.

If you are scared, make a noise before opening the lid and use the bin only during the day. Rats are nocturnal. If you regularly see them in daylight you may have a bigger problem. Before it gets out of hand call me.


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