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Last summer we had moles in our grass

Last summer we had moles in our grass which made our lawn look more like brown dirt than grass. Is it possible that the moles will come back this year or do they go away? Do they hibernate?

First, they don’t hibernate as they can’t store fat. They keep a “larder” of earthworms to keep them going and they just go deeper if it’s very cold. The only reliable way that I’ve found to keep them away is to use repellents. Don’t try mothballs as they could kill your children or pets. For more information about all summer pests, contact us at 401-315-2400 or 860-445-BUGS.

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Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls – Voles


How can I tell if I have moles or voles?


Moles leave large hollow tunnel trails just  under the surface of the soil or grass. The trails usually terminate with a ‘hill’ which is the dirt they have excavated from the tunnels. They feed primarily on earthworms but sometimes they apparently eat grubs.

Voles, which look like mice with pointed faces and short tails burrow just below the surface of grass and mulch, they feed on tender shoots such as Azaleas and Rhododendrons. They limit the growth of shrubs by eating the tender feeder roots.

They rarely kill a plant but prevent it growing strongly. There are excellent safe ways to get rid of both.

We use and recommend:

Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules 20 oz

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Q&A’s about Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls


I have so many Mole holes in my yard that my grass is going to be a disaster this year what can I do?


At this time of the year they are most likely to be VOLES which look like mice but have mole like fur. Fortunately they prefer to live outside. They make trails just under mulch, grass and leaves. They feed most often on tiny roots of rhododendrons, Azaleas and lots of other similar shrubs. They eat the tender feeding shoots and slow down the plant’s growth. A non toxic repellent works great in stopping them damaging your plants. If indeed they are Voles they will not do too much damage to your grass. A similar treatment will get rid of Moles.


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