Fleas have four stages in their life-cycle…

We have had so many questions regarding  fleas, I thought I’d describe how they live.


Fleas have four stages in their life-cycle:  The adult produces eggs after feeding on a warm blooded host, the eggs develop into larvae and usually live in or on carpets, rugs, clothing all sorts of bedding were they consume all types of waste materials from dry blood spots to feces. They then pupate and develop further in a cocoon until they become adults. They stay in their cocoons until they are ready to look for a blood host and that can be many months. They are usually triggered by movement, sound, heat or vibration. The cocoon splits open and out they come, jumping until they land on a host.

Knowing how this life-cycle works helps us to control them.

It’s very important to vacuum regularly and dispose of the vacuum bag that may contain eggs, larvae or cocoons. Wash affected clothes and bedding in warm soapy water whenever possible. Don’t let freshly laundered materials com in contact with soiled laundry. Don’t leave bedding (pets or human) in piles where pets may drop off eggs. Even after doing all the right things you may still get a flea infestation at almost any time of year. If this happens you will probably need  professional help to disrupt the breeding pattern.

Remember you don’t have to have pets to get a flea infestation. If you do get fleas attend to them as soon as possible, before they get out of hand.

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