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Organic Lawn Care

Question: My neighbor recommended you for Organic Lawn care. What is the difference in what you use to what I bought last year at the hardware store?


Most fertilizers that are bought in stores are manufactured using chemicals and all sorts of added synthetic fillers. It is well proven that the use of such materials have damaging actions when they are washed into streams, lakes, ponds or any other area that they are not supposed to go. The usually contain high amounts of nitrogen which cannot be used by your plants. So you are also wasting money.

Natural, organic fertilizers are what nature intended, they cannot be formulated with artificially high amounts of Nitrogen.

Trust in Nature and you will be o.k. We use organic fertilizers that are either made from manure or Soya beans, your plants can easily absorb the nutrients with out adverse side effects.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control – Carpenter Bees


I have just had my house sprayed for Carpenter Bees, they had gone for a while now, I have some still flying around the house especially near the roof why is this?


Some of them may not have been killed or were hiding out somewhere during your treatment.

They may also have been ‘hiding’ deep in the wood where pesticide can’t reach them. It’s often best to block the holes they make, but that’s not always possible.

As long as there are just a few remaining it’s worth getting another treatment to eradicate them before they rebuild their population.


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