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Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls – Ants


I have my home treated for black ants outside in the yard, I have so many inside how can I get rid of these. I have a company come along and spray every month, I have mentioned this to the service I use and I was told not to worry about them as the outside treatment will take care of them.


Sprays are never as effective as baits and they are so much more likely to cause harm. They are usually just a quick fix and do not correct the problem.

Some sprays are advertised to last a year. Would you want something so toxic in your home?

Using slow acting baits will kill all of the ants. Without affecting you or your family.

Sprays just keep the manufacturers in business. If you kill the workers, the queen will just produce more.

Also remember that ants are very territorial. A neighboring colony will often move in when the old colony has been killed.

Get a free inspection to determine where the colony is and which type of ant you have.

We use and recommend:

Terro PCO Liquid Ant Bait Stations


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