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Low Branch Tree Pruning


Since we had our last snow fall I have several branches on my trees that are very low to the ground. Should I cut them back if I do will this harm the tree at this time of year.


This is not the best time of the year to prune trees, for some species it doesn’t matter too much. It can also be dangerous because of the ice and snow to work outside, however, if the tree limbs are damaged or pose a threat to you or your property then they should be safely trimmed or pruned and the wounds left to heal by themselves. This is a job usually best left to professionals.


Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls – Skunks


How can I stop having skunks in my yard?


We use a repellent that is spread on the grass ad shrubs. The repellent smells strongly to skunks and other pests and disrupts their sense of smell so much that they can’t look for their food such as grubs,snails, slugs etc.

They have poor eyesight and rely on smell to do most things. This treatment is safe for everyone concerned. We have moved large families of them overnight with no harm to them.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls – Ants & Bait


I keep getting ants inside my home, my husband put those little traps inside but it has not made any difference.


Most ants have to be fed a bait which they will then pass on to their colony which may take overnight but it does eliminate the whole colony.

Most of those ‘little traps’ contain nerve toxins which can kill the ant workers too quickly. The queen will just produce more workers. Just be patient and use borate based baits.

We use and recommend:

Terro PCO Liquid Ant Bait Stations Niban FG Fine Granular Bait

Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls – Fleas


I had my dog groomed and he came home with fleas, they are in nearly every room in the house what can I do?


Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum that’s your first line of defense, then immediately dispose of the bag outside in a sealed plastic trash bag.

Wash your pet’s bedding in soapy water to reduce the population and repeat often. It is really tough to win this battle.

We use a misting machine to apply an organic pesticide and insect growth regulator to gain control.

The pesticide kills the adults and the growth regulator prevents new larvae from pupating therefore breaking the lifecycle.

If your dog spends time outside in the yard you should consider getting an external treatment also because he will just keep reintroducing them.


Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls – Carpenter Ants


What is the difference between Carpenter Ants that eat the wood in my house and those large black ants that we see outside as they keep coming into my living room.


They may be the same species. Carpenter ant workers are polymorphic which means they can be of differing sizes. I would need to see a specimen to accurately identify it. Carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood. They chew it up and spit it out to make cavities in which they build their nests and look after the colony. Look out for piles of frass, soft ‘sawdust’ with bits of dead ants in it. If you see this inside your home call us asap.

We use and recommend:

Diatom Dust Insect Powder 5 oz Niban FG Fine Granular Bait

Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls – Mice


I am renting a house out for the summer months we had a problem with mice in the wintertime which you took care of, is it possible that we could get mice in the summer or will they stay outside until it gets colder?


Mice can still come inside regardless of the weather. If they feel threatened outside they may decide your house is a safer place to bring up their babies.

A preventative external treatment is the best way to discourage them from visiting you.

We recommend and use:

Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules 20 oz Fresh Cab

Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls – Ants


I have only a few black ants running around the house, we have killed a few but still cannot get rid of them.

I bought some bait in a can from the hardware store does it take a while to work?


Usually the store bought products give a ‘quick kill’ to satisfy our modern need for instant gratification. My experience with insects tells me that if there is a sudden die off the rest of the colony will avoid the area for a while and reappear elsewhere.  If you are going to do it yourself use a slow acting product which gradually kills the colony without them realizing it. Borate based products are best and safest to use.

Don’t kill ants let them eat the bait

We use and recommend:

Niban Granular BaitTerro PCO Liquid Ant Bait Stations

Professional Grade Ant Bait

Environmentally Friendly Pest Controls – Tree Sap


One of my trees have sticky stuff all the trunk is it a bug?


Great question and a real fun one to find wants causing it, that’s if you like birds.

The yellow bellied sap sucker is most probably the culprit. They are woodpeckers which dig many, many small holes in the tree bark . This releases sap which they feed on and then bugs enter the holes to feed on the trees and, guess what, the sap sucker returns to feed on the bugs. And the cycle of life goes on. They usually attack apple trees and maples but I’ve seen dripping sap on other species too.


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